Anisha said: 
Confidence is “i can do it”.
It prepares us for the competitive growth.

Over confidence is “only I can do it”.
It hampers our growth.
In the childhood story of hare and tortoise.
Hare had over confidence but tortoise had confidence.

Ravi Basaboina said:  
Confidence is nothing but, If a person says that “I can do that or I will do that” so this is called confidence. So in this that person can achieve that and he or she can see the success in higher position.

So when comes to overconfidence If person says that ” he/she only the person can do that work/ thing” so usually that is called overconfidence.

So in this stage person can not achieve the target.

And same time he/she comes from the higher position to lower position.

Tanya said: 
Confidence is”yes, I can do it”, . But. Overconfidence is. “Only” I can do it. Confidence enables the person to flourish, to thrive in his particular field. Whereas overconfidence makes the person egoistic, proudly.

Sachi Khanna said:  
Confidence-which gives positive results and success.
Its when a person says that he can do this work.
Overconfidence results in failure.
Its when a person thinks that only he is eligible to do this work.

Rajiv Bumb said: 
There is a fine line gap between confidence and over-confidence i.e. Perception that is created by other about your personality is confidence.

Whereas what you have created about your personality in your eyes is overconfidence.

Kanadantemayavadenu said:  
Confidence is that condition wherein a person knows about his boundaries and know how to play within it. He will also be knowing about those which he can’t do. If any situation occurs wherein he’s given such a work then he will refuse.

Over confidence is a condition wherein a person feels that he doesn’t have any limits for his knowledge and experience. In such a state he’ll accept those work which he might know a little about it or doesn’t know at all.

Arun said:  
Confidence is that stage of knowledge that a person knows his quality, efficiency and on the basis on these he say that he can do it.

While over confidence is that stage of knowledge that he says that only he can do it.

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