Terrorism in India

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Abhishek said:

Hello friends terrorism is the thing which threatning the world from last several years and threaten India most as I know. Terrorism in India is due to following reason.

1. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployement are the main reason behind the terrorism. Because when a person don’t have these things he like to go in terrorism because government don’t do anything for these type of persons and in constraint he go in to terrorism.

2. Terrorist kidnapped there family persons and forcely made them terrorist.

3. A major role of government into this also because government don’t do any action against terrorist and they are fearless from government like in kasaab’s case.

4. When people are not happy with the ploicies of government and government don’t do satisfactory works for them then in constraint they become terrorist.

Priya said:

Good noon friends we are discussing about terrorism in my opinion.

1) India is a village. Most of the people are common people. A conman man can do anything for his common needs. These people can work very well under ones guide,

2) young youth who are well educated could not get jobs due to reservation. Poverty line not based on the caste system. The people who are terrorists are not born to become terrorist. They are forced to become because of situation.

Deepak S said:

As we are a developing nation we have no time to loss anything. But the terrorism in our country becomes a threaten to our developing. First we want to know how the terrorism originated. It is an mental statement where they are experienced inequality in the society and they want to make the concentration towards their goal or theme. Mainly when you saw the reasons for terrorism the inequality is the only major thing. Saw a mall attitude from our sides how make a person under pressure and entirely changes his attitude against you to destroy the better example is osama bin laden a american citizen who turn against america itself.

Neeraja said:

Terrorism in India became a major problem. We should fight against it. The main reasons of the terrorism is unemployment, poverty, corruption etc. The government should take care of our country by the terrorists. We should not allow them into our country. The tight security should be held at airports, railway stations, public places.

Shyamala said: 

Hello Friends,

In my point of view.

Terrorism is due to Anger. A person who need something more and not satisfied with his own ability then he became to search something and when he didn’t achieve such thing he will become more anger. That anger move him to high pressure. That pressure lead him to violent. And the violent make him to do something ex-ordinary movements. This make a man terrorist and he make a group and join such kind of people with him.

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