Tell me about the most boring job you have ever had.

Kavita Wadkar said:

Well my opinion said to itself please do not use word job is boring because they get knowledge for you & salary also then you said job is boring so you don’t work it means you are always over smart & overconfidence i.e. you are selfish person.

Deepak Devaliya said:

As my Opinion, There is no any job is boring but it is depend on us how we make boring or interesting. If we are showing good interest in any job it is good for us but someone do not like that work it is boring for him.

Mahi said:

Sir, No job is boring it is totally depend upon individual interest, and not upon qualification,experience,etc. If I will be interested about any job then we can take this as a challenge and learn new things and can make it enjoyfulllll.

Nilakshi said:

Every Job have its own value. We make it boring or interesting based on individual perceptions. Well I enjoy my job, but at times I get bored of monotonous job.

Neha said:

Well no job is boring…it depends on interest if one has interest intact ..the job is interesting..but i think jobs that requires to do repetitive works without any future prospects and stagnant career will cause boredom as one will lose interest in them.. example can be call centre job…wel m fresher and havent come across any boring job yet.

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