Reservations in the Private Sector

Vijay said:
Reservation is something that should should be on the hitlist to abolish in India.There are so many deserving people out there who presently sit unemployed because of this system.Each and every single person should work his/her way up by hard work and not by some unfair advantages granted by a system.

What i feel is that this classification,instead of being made according to one’s caste,can be made according to one’s economic status,which will give each person what he/she rightfully deserves.

Pawan said:
Hello friends. I agree with opinions of some of you. Actually reservation in private sector is not necessary, because all (lower and upper class or any category people) has the same brain if they are creative & talented enough then they could be able to join a private company. Govt giving them (to lower class people) scholarship until their education is completed is fair enough now after completing education if they want to join a private firm then its their responsibility or it is on their favor to get it, no reservation is necessary I think so.

Upasana said:
I am completely against giving reservation on the name of caste in present time. Its good to provide financial help to poor person whatever category to which it belongs. This will give equal chances to everyone but our government see reservation as vote bank policy. They are increasing reservation quota to increase their vote in that caste.

And you know the worst thing is that we are providing reservation in medical stream also. Now just imagine those who got entry in MBBS via reservation and serving in best govt hospitals on basis of it will be able to save the patients.
Himadri Tanaya said:
“I belong to the backward class yet i completely defy the “job reservation plan”. The government ought to recognize the competition for jobs in the market. When such a huge population sits unemployed at home,it is just a shame to discuss about giving priority to low caste.Even, one must know that, today, there is no more violation regarding caste and getting job depends purely on one’s potential, personality and of course the tough competition. The government should better focus on helping the poor, irrespective of there caste and stop making such plans which will arouse conflicts.”

Nikita Gupta said:
Reservation is not at all required in the present India. It was meant to raise the status of the SC’S and ST’S etc. but now this facility is misused.

If the basic school education is given to the children of every poor family free of cost not on the basis of caste but on the basis of financial conditions, then there will be no need of reservtaion at higher levels.

If they are primarily educated then they will be at the same status as of the general category and they will be able to compete at the higher levels also.

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