Shanil Kumar K said: 
No sir, I do not have any planning to start my own business. I just want to make my career in reputable organization. I will consider this organization as my own organization. I will work here with full dedication. My focus is on improving my performance and advance career in growth of the company.

Rahul said:  
Yes sir,I had idea about starting a business of my own. But,I have only my skills as a principal.So, I have chosen to postpond my idea of doing Business.If I got hired in your company,Surely I have to reconsider my idea and continue working in your company.

Mrudu said: 
No sir,
I am not willing to start a business right now,I want to be a part of this company and give more value and great responsibility to the organization. I believes in my strength , so that the work satisfaction makes pleasure to me and feel you that “I am your employee and you are proud of me”.

Shivakumar M Patil said: 
Staring a business is not a child play. It needs money, experience and hard work. Almost every one want to start his own business. I was very keen of four wheeler vehicles since my school days and want to start a business in it in future. Despite a fresher right now I am nothing and to reach at that goal I have to go a long way.

Yuke said: 
Yes sir, I have some planning regarding the business but with my ongoing career path, not in isolation. When I will have all necessaries, i’ll sure think about it. Business building, according to me, is a highest level of expertise in management field.

Prateek said:  
For starting a business we have resources, experience, knowledge about the market and as well as good organization, employees who works truthfully and use their efforts for the development of company. For gathering all these it should take a longtime and also it is risk. So at present I don’t have any idea to start a business.

Vikram said:  
Starting a business is not a big task. Run the business is the biggest task. One should spend his life to start the business and organize with great foundations. It like if he plant a plant he should give water for it continuously until it grow up and become a tree. After become a tree it will gives him a lot. Employees likes leaves. Tree’s roots will search for water in the earth and get it and the same will supply the last leaf of tree. Like this an organizer /organisation should develop and search for resources for business. Hence one should spent his whole life to maintain the business.

Sujan said:  
Being a Fresher, I don’t have any idea about it.
Also, before being a Good Businessman, you have to be good Employee.
At present, I just want to improve my skills and experience in the field of Working. Later, considering my financial Conditions, market status,etc., I’ll think about it.

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