E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

Ravi said:

Hi, today education system has totally changed. E-learning is a better way to learn quickly and easily. Students do not need to go to coaching classes for learning everything. For example students join coaching to speak English fluently and also for vocabulary but now these studies are provided in less time by e-learning. It also makes students independent and quick learners. However the environment that a class room study goes missing in e-learning. So, for overall development of students both are necessary.

Kana said:

Hi Friends!

Now a days to the great extent, many has a computer system and internet at their homes. This is all we need for E-Learning. ! Yes. It’s having lot of importance now. Many people are showing interest to learn the things through online. We have many good sites which provide E-Learning according to the student’s needs. The main advantage of this is, its saves our time and one form of quick learning I can say. But apart from pros’s, we even have some con’s which includes. Getting tired easily because of sitting before system for hours and there will be no immediate clarification of doubts.

So, I conclude that we should have both. E-Learning, class-room learning as well. We should make use of these two types of learning to make ourselves experts.

Pooja Joshi said:

No, e-learning can not replace classroom learning. We can learn from both e-learning and classroom learning. But in many ways classroom learning is different, Such as physical presence of students and teachers. It affects us more than e-learning. It’s a wonderful experience in our student life where we studies together, we enjoy many things with our friends and we interact with different people and many more things which e-learning can not provide us. So e-learning can not be a substitute for classroom learning.

Hemant Singh said:

There is no substitute for human. What one learn in classroom is more valuable although it may be time consuming. In classroom we are in direct interaction with teachers and friends. And going to class also help us to improve our communication skill, our interpersonal skill and more than that we learn to behave properly. We also participate in team work. So according to me it must be added as an assisting tool to classroom but it can never replace classrooms.

Gaurav Shakyamuni said:

Dear friends learning means not only the knowledge that you obtain or you have, but it is how to delivers to others as well. Ofcourse e-learning can show you a vast meaning but it rarely provide you a vast explaination with appropriate example.

Teacher may say, for more points refer the website in net and say it by next day, it happens in world upto 70%but at the same time he also say if you have any problem you can ask me and this happen in almost 100% of the world.

Classroom refers not only the room with bench, chalk, board, teacher and students but also with descipline, rules which is basic for every students.

Therefore in my opinion e-learning could hardly be a substitute for classroom learning.

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