Capital Punishment should be Banned or Allowed?

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Dheeraj Kumar said:

In my opinion instead of banning Capital punishment, frequency of capital punishment should be brought to minimum.

It should be strictly applied in case of Rape & murder (mass murder) because nobody has given him right to destroy somebody’s life and they should fear every now and then that this crime will not be tolerate rapist and murderers. But not for robbery or other low level crime because you can earn your wealth again & 10-15 year of imprisonment will give him good lesson.

Sri Krishna said: 

According to me capital punishment should not be banned.

Criminals think that they will be threw into the prison if they commit any crime. There is no mistake in their thinking because the rules of the INDIAN CONSTITUTION had made like that. They don’t bother about jail although the punishment time is either 7 years or 14 years because jails are like their vacation spots. (example in the case of kasab). This is one of the reason for increasing in crime rate.

But If India had followed the concept of capital punishment there would be no Mumbai attacks, no murders, no kidnappings. The fear of death (because of capital punishment) should shiver the criminals for thinking of crime. Then India absolutely can be peaceful country.

Sumit Singh said:

Capital punishment should not be abolished rather our government should think about it n emphasize on it. Capital Punishment should be given to those who have done heinous crimes like murder. There must be fear in the mind of people then only we can get healthy atmosphere to live. It will reduce the crime rates in the countries otherwise we will have our newspaper full of crimes in the future as we have now. So to get rid of these things I think Capital punishment should not be abolished.

Sukanta Dhar said:

Hi, ‘m Sukanta. I have already written my view here long day back. But I think some people didn’t get my point or didn’t read my opinion . People like Anuradha, commented on 31st March (plz dont take it in a negative way) , I think are not practical and live in a fantasy ideal world, where (they think) if you forbid a person not to do crime, just listens to you and stop doing crime. Ok. To you all such persons, I am putting few questions again. Please answer straightly, not in a round about way and without repeating idealistic writings like “we should kill….”, “then whats the difference between them and the judges” etc. My questions are-
1 ) Tell me just one way to change the minds of people like Kasav, Daud Ibrahim, Afjal Guru and so on or how can you kill the crime within them ?
2 ) How can you be sure enough that they wont do any crime again ?
3 ) How can you be sure that farther no plane will be hijacked demanding their release ?
4 ) Who will bear the cost of super expensive foods and security ( as Kasav is getting right now )?
5 ) Can you think of any other punishment if your father/ mother/brother/sister or your boy friend/ girlfriend / wife/husband will die in such a horrific incident ? If so, then plz mention the punishment you would like to give them .

Suji said:  

Hi I think capital punishment should not be banned. Many of them said that “we should kill crime not criminals”, but my point is that “we should kill criminals” automatically crime is not there. So we should give importance to kill the criminals not a crime.


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