Ekta Singh said ::
Yes I agree for relocating.

Because by relocation we can come up with new ideas as the team formed there will new for us, communication skills will be enhanced, this makes us globalized. So that it I ll help for the growth of organisation indirectly by innovative ideas.

Arun Parasar said ::
Yes sir I am ready to relocate as per the company’s requirement since the knowledge never changes in relocating and we can enhance great knowledge from the new persons and we can improve our communication better with any kind of people and I feel it is one of my strength to work at any place.

Aman Verma said ::
Of course I am ready be be relocated as I don’t want to be like a frog in the well, relocation will provide me with more experience to better benefit your organization in the long run.

Anshi Prajapati said ::
Yes sir. i would like to relocate myself for the benifit of my company as it would gain me new experiences,and i would be pleased to work in a different environment and culture.

Indu Gupta said ::
Yes, because I love traveling.

And I can have the opportunity to work in new place, new environment which can also.

My improve my skills as I can interact with different kind of persons with different culture, different ethics, different value and may enhance my knowledge and give new ideas, knowledge about new technologies.

And most importantly if it enhance our confidence answer communication skills also.

Upendra Shakya said ::
Yes sir.

It would be a pleasure for me to travel for the oraganization and also it will be a great experience for me !

So I would be glad if this opportunity is given to me.

Rohan Kumar said ::
In an organisation the relocation is common aspect. If you give me the opportunity to relocate my job then I am very happy to relocate some other place. It gives greater experience and enhance my knowledge.

Neha Singh said ::
Yes, I WILL Sir.

Its my pleasure. Because if you want to relocate or travel to me it means you think about me as a leading person who are capable to travel and by these we will learn many more things & will get the knowledge about the company.

The more important thing is that it will add one more experience in my life.

Atul Kumar said ::
Yes, I will sir.

Depending upon the demands of the organization if need to relocate or travel then I will do it without any hesitation. And its my pleasure to go because we can get knowledge and experience in different locations and we have to manage the work in all locations.

Rajan Srivastav said ::
As a fresher gaining experience is first to me, whatever the position or location it doesn’t matter. And I believe to have a long and successful career with an organization it’s important to understand the work culture and functions of the organization in different locations.

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